Vitamin waters are neither waters, nor carbonated soft drinks, but a new generation of functional drinks for people living an active life, which are full of various indispensable vitamins.
Vitamin waters were developed based on scientific research in the early 2000s in the USA and have become very popular among health-conscious consumers within a short time. These refreshers, which are available in various versions, have met with great success not only in the USA, but in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, the Benelux states and Russia as well. Their sales volume is increasing dynamically and exceeds in certain cases the volume sold of flavoured mineral waters, too. The vitamin water has arrived to Hungary as well, where it is marketed under the brand name VIWA (the abbreviation of the English name of the product category).
Vitamin waters are different from both the previous generations of mineral waters and traditional refreshments, i.e. soft drinks. They contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary, but include no component which is not useful, for the human body. Vitamins are substances essential for life which the human body is unable to produce, therefore the demand for vitamins must be met from an external source, but for a few exceptions. However, it is difficult to provide the body with the recommended daily amount of vitamins from meals exclusively, and the nutrients depleted as a result of stress, sickness or doing sports often need to be supplemented even despite the very conscious selection of one’s diet. Vitamin waters VIWA offer a solution for such problem. The products are prepared with fruit-sugar (fructose) and contain no preservatives.
They are sold in four different flavours and compositions, to fulfil various functions and meet the daily vitamin demand of the body while ensuring a sufficient amount of water intake. Having a savoury but not to sweet fruity flavour, they are healthy refreshers. 
VIWA Vitality stimulates you and fills you up with energy, VIWA Body Pro helps you to feel in excellent shape both inside and outside, VIWA Multivitamin helps you with overcoming stress and regenerates the cells and VIWA C-1000 provides the amount of vitamin C needed by the human body for a long period of time.
VIWA C-1000 is a vitamin C bomb which, when consumed regularly, fills up the vitamin C depots of the body for a long period of time and is one of the best healthy refreshments thanks to its pleasantly sourish citrus flavour. 
The non-carbonated vitamin water VIWA Cranberry was developed for those who would like to increase their vitality in a healthy manner in order to be able to face every-day challenges full of energy. The product also contains stimulating caffeine and guarana extract as well, which provides sufficient energy and vitality for the whole day. One 0.5 l bottle of VIWA Vitality contains no more than 9.5 kilocalories.
This vitamin water contains the vitamins and other components responsible for the overall inside and outside regeneration of the body, such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B7 (the beauty vitamin), vitamin B12, aloe vera and zinc. One 0.5 l bottle of VIWA Body Pro contains 98 kilocalories.
Vitamin water VIWA Multivitamin incorporates a wide range of fruits, but its taste is dominated by the flavour of mango and passion fruit.  As implied by its name, this drink is a real vitamin bomb which fills up the body with energy for the whole day. With only 67 kilocalories/bottle, VIWA Multivitamin is one of the multivitamin drinks with the lowest calorie content which are available in Hungary.